H2 Energy Now is passionate about unlocking the potential of technology to develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. First focus is in the development of products to release the potential of alternative energy through energy storage.

H2 Energy Now allows householders and commercial premises to store Alternative Energy effectively, 24 hours a day, by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen.

No other known existing technology can offer such a commercial solution at competitive rates.

H2 Energy Now has developed the most efficient, cost-effective method for creating hydrogen from water. The hydrogen can be used for energy storage, in particular to store power generated by alternative energy producers.

There is a tremendous need for an efficient method of energy storage. The USA has stored power of only 2.3% of its daily electric needs. A EU commission recently stated the greatest challenge facing Europe in Alternative Energy is grid storage.

This efficient hydrogen generation is key to a fundamentally new energy storage system – that expands options for how energy can be produced and stored.

The product will address the rapidly growing $5 to $8 trillion dollar energy storage market, and will make it much more possible to store energy for later use. The system can be scaled to serve small, medium or large energy storage needs. We see our product entering private homes and commercial premises, allowing for off grid 24/7 (by converting H2 to energy).

H2 Energy Now had filed a PCT application, assembled a talented design team and has successfully built a proof of principle prototype.   We validated the need for our product in the market. We are presently involved in the commercialization of our product. We are presently filing our national patents.

We believe that by this storage of energy we will change the world.

We are caught in a cycle of: To meet demand for electrical energy you must meet it by the generation of energy. Constantly 24/7 but there is a better way.

H2 Energy Now goal is to dramatically change this time of storage.

H2 Energy Now enables stored alternative energy to be utilized for a longer period of time, decreasing owners’ payback time for their investment. 

H2 Energy Now is developing a revolutionary solution that will store energy and provide a choice when meeting electrical demand. Peak demand would thereby be reached by a combination of generation and storage changing the need for building electrical plants to meet peak demand.

H2 Energy Now will also extend alternative energy usage past the time when the sun isn’t shining or wind isn’t blowing. H2 Energy Now will dramatically shorten the time needed to payback your investment in alternative energy.

H2 Energy Now is takes existing technology and utilizes it in a way it hasn’t been used before. Our system adds energy to water molecule thereby separating it. Please see our product page for more information.

H2 Energy Now is a Clean/Tech/Energy Product.

Enabling energy to be utilized when it is needed

Sonya Davidson
Founder & CEO
H2 Energy Now