The Product

The Goal

To develop the most efficient and cost-effective energy storage machine the world has ever seen. This product will be at the forefront of clean technology energy storage systems.

How It Works

H2 Energy Now’s process begins by inputting fresh and/or salt water into the system. The water is screened into droplet formation and treated with radio waves (at a frequency that resonates with the H2O bond) forcing the vibrations to separate the compound into hydrogen and oxygen. The high pressure gases are then passed through a commercial filter to be safely stored in their own containers. When power is required, hydrogen energy is easily converted to electricity (or other useable forms such as fuel cells).

Product’s Benefits

1)    29% more efficient than competitors

  • H2 Energy Now separates H20 using radio waves: 89% efficient process
  • Competitors use the electrolysis process: a 60% efficient  process

2)    More cost-effective product than competitors

  • H2 Energy Now use no precious metals (no platinum)
  • Competitors use precious metals (including platinum)

3)    No pollution is created in H2 Energy Now’s process; this is true clean technology
4)    Raw material input is common: any type of water
5)    Small amounts of water is needed to create a lot of hydrogen

April 20, 2015 USA Patent application 14-436,913 filed.                       May 18, 2015 European application 13849162.6 filed.

Academic Validation: Paper submitted, reviewed by our piers, and accepted to present at 6th European PEFC & Electrolyser Forum 4-7 July 2017, Lucerne, Switzerland. A highlight of the year for those involve with hydrogen

The Reality

  • This new technology which will transform the way we live
  • Reflects H2 Energy Now’s spirit and commitment to innovation
  • Currently, H2 Energy Now in the midst of commercializing the product

Customers are saying:

“As a large investor in alternative energy you don’t even need to spend any time of your presentation on the need for energy storage. We are aware of it and the effect it is having on our bottom line.”

“I have presented your company to one of our investors, and this 20 Billion USD Japanese company will be in Israel next week and wants to meet with your company.”

A worldwide large investor in wind energy said “We are very interested in your products development please keep us informed during your commercialization, and, once you are closer, is interested in becoming your strategic partner when you roll out the product.”

“We have traveled from China to meet with companies whose technology are at the leading edge and interest us. Your company was at the top of our list of companies we wanted to meet with.”

“Very few companies that we met with left us confident that they could change the world. But we believe H2 Energy Now is one of those companies.”

“We are holding a leading conference on alternative energy and recognize your company’s leadership and ask you to apply to present at our conference.”