H2 Energy Now


Intermittent energy (wind/solar) are looking to store energy to consistently send power to the electric grid. Significant quantities of energy are dumped because Renewable Energy is generated when there is a low need. When you can change intermittent energy to market demand you can change the world.

H2 Energy Now is on the way to developing a storage solution enabling unlimited use of alternative energy. This will release the true potential of solar, wind and water generation.

H2 Energy Now selected as one of Israel top 20 companies and is in 2017 Shenzhen Innovation Competition.

Our technology is posed to change the world. We have achieved high efficient rates for hydrogen creation through the use of electromagnetic waves to separate the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen Gasses. We store both gases and when energy is needed they are recombine them in a fuel cell. Process: energy in, hydrogen gas created, stored, and then converted back to electricity.

H2 Energy Now has assembled a team, reached proof of principal prototype stage, filed our patents, completed 6 months in a high-tech accelerator, and are presently involved in the commercialization our product. The company is seeking additional resources in order to be ready for production for 2017.

In order to achieve success, one must have the determination and the will to succeed. We did succeed in our product development we can show by radio waves you can separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Please see: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1rkFtbNFZTo8r5y11H1XnQ

H2 Energy Now is a solution for the storing and increasing the usability of your alternative energy enabling unlimited use of alternative energy and bringing in the hydrogen economy.

H2 Energy Now is a clean technology that is involved in the meeting the needs of a global market of Global Renewable energy market that in 2015 was 329 billion USD.

For more information please contact sonya@h2energynow.com