Company Vision

Mission Statement

To develop innovative technological products that release the potential of alternative energy through energy storage.


Researching our solution, learning about hydrogen, water, and energy storage solutions.

Market Validation

Several months have been spent validating the market and the need for energy storage. The US Department of Energy December 2013 report stated only 2.3% of US daily energy needs are met by stored energy.

Prototype Development

12 prototypes have been built using supplies imported from around the world.  This has lead to a proof of principal stage. TRL 4 now


With a leading patent attorney H2 Energy Now has filed a worldwide Patent Convention Treaty, PCT. We have followed up filing our regional patents at this time. USA and EU are presently filed.

Leading Clean Technology Company

Recognized by Autodesk as one of the world’s leading clean technology companies and awarded 3D modeling software to commercialize the product.

Team & Research Base

Sonya Davidson – President & CEO: A passionate, creative, and competitive entrepreneur complete with 5 academic degrees and 10 years of energy research.

Consultants & Advisors

  • Dr. Martin Stone, Chemist, Dead Sea Works
  • Mr. Yogev Katznell, Engineer
  • Mr. Jeremy Weil, Business Mentor,
  • Mr. Michael Horesh, MATI Counselor
  • Dr. Uzi Mor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Mr. Avigodor Shapira, Electrical Engineer
  • Mr. Jeff Davidson, Start-up Advisor, CEO Keystone Nano, Inc.
  • Mr. Rick Davidson, PMP, Business Startup and Transition Expert
  • Efi Rosenzweig, RF Engineer

Research Base

  • James Clerk Maxwell: Physics of Energy
  • Johann Balmer: Frequency of light of hydrogen
  • Albert Einstein: Energy comes from individual quanta
  • Guslielmo Marconi: Radio waves
  • Johannes Van Der Waals: Secondary bonds
  • Ernest Rutherford: Electron of Hydrogen
  • Niels Bohr: Quantum Atom
  • Willem Keesom: Keesom Forces
  • Linus Pauling: Chemical bonding