H2 Energy Now your Solar energy storage solution

BNEF tracked solar investments 2013 to almost $115 billion

Solar power without energy storage is like a tree without roots.
Solar power without energy storage is like a tree without roots.

Solar power without energy storage is like a tree without roots. Solar power with H2 Energy Now is not only more conductive to growth. It also enables to use the solar energy it is needed.

Leading scientist met in Berlin on November 18, 2013 for 8th International Renewable Energy Conference and exhibit, the biggest of its kind worldwide, with over 500 participants from about 40 countries. “The extraordinary international interest demonstrated that energy storage is a pressing issue. Without modern and efficient storage systems a successful transition to renewable energy is not possible.” Says Professor Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR.

H2 Energy Now has a method of storing and increasing the usability of your alternative energy – home or commercial premises.

H2 Energy Now is a game changing energy storage system. We are the most efficient method of storing energy. We take solar power and convert it to hydrogen, store it, and when you need electricity you run the hydrogen through a generator you have the power you need.

Philip Lowe, Director General for Energy European Commission

The major opportunities are coming through the development of renewables that by 2020 will already represent 35% of electricity generation in Europe and by 2030 could reach over 45%.

Installed capacity of solar cells is 50.6 GW for Europe for 2011.

When listing solar capacity by region: Europe 73.6%, North America 8.4%.

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To integrate renewable energy in the power generating sector, a sea change towards a decentralized energy system is needed: energy storage will play a key role in this, along with grid expansion, enhanced flexibility in conventional power generation and load management. In the future, with the share of renewable energy increasing, long-term storage is needed, using for example hydrogen based technology” says Johannes Remmel, Minister in the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia.